Business Skills Bootcamp

May 9 - 26
12 Days from 8:30am-5pm
Tuesday to Friday at Robson Square

Cost $2950.00

Career Exploration Workshop

November 18, 19, 20
3 Days from 9am-4pm
Friday to Sunday at Robson Square

Cost $650.00

C2C has done extensive research into Lower Mainland companies that hire recent university grads. Hosted on the C2C website as a teaching tool, 300 company profiles form a foundation through which you can learn about diverse opportunities. Based on an exploration of what you’re interested in, we will draw up an action plan and strategize ways to best tailor your resume, write an introductory email, and produce a coherent Linkedin profile so that you can approach companies in an intentional, targeted way.

At the same time, you will learn insights into team dynamics and how to use them to your advantage while navigating the job market. With a focus on communication strategies, you will work on key moments in the job hunt from the elevator pitch to the final interview in order to build confidence and have techniques to apply to any career-launching challenge.

Career Readiness Bootcamp

January 9-16
8 Days from 8:30am-5pm
Monday to Thursday at Robson Square

Cost $1950.00

Making a cold call, producing an unforgettable resume and Linkedin profile, sending an email inquiry, networking and interviewing all require a special set of skills that take time to perfect. We'll work closely with you in a collaborative environment to develop exactly these skills while you uncover and harness both your passion and purpose. As important as self-discovery is on the job-market, it is vital to execute on your insights. We'll help you channel your self-awareness into a career action plan that keeps you focused and motivated after the course is done.

We'll teach you about Vancouver companies who hire recent university grads so you are well aware of all the opportunities. We'll work with you on how to tell your story in compelling terms and dramatize your value to potential employers. At each stage, you will be developing a clear set of terms to articulate the ways in which you specifically could contribute to your target companies’ varied needs.

You'll learn to express exactly what it is that makes you unique, how your academic skills transfer effectively into the workplace, and what you bring to the companies you identify as a good fit. Finally, you will actively pursue these companies, with coaches’ guiding you during the bootcamp, and via email or phone, after its conclusion. We are invested in you launching your career and want to help each step of the way.

Business Skills Bootcamp

May 9-12
May 16-19
May 23-26
12 Days from 8:30am-5pm
Tuesday to Friday at Robson Square

Cost $2950.00

If you haven’t done co-ops or had business experience, you may be unaware just how much your academic skills are needed by many businesses. Introducing you to business models, vocabulary and concerns, you will work in teams with an experienced business coach to solve live projects, challenges and problems supplied by Vancouver companies. We've partnered with Riipen to provide you with the opportunity to access your creativity, apply your analytical skills, as well as hone your problem-solving and presentation techniques.

We'll help you realize the specific ways in which your university education has prepared you to contribute to diverse companies. You'll meet directly with company reps, interact with them as you work through their challenge, and ultimately present to them your insights and recommendations.

Not only will you earn references, but these company projects look excellent on resumes and offer business experiences to discuss in interviews. They widen your knowledge of Lower Mainland organizations and give you a foundation for networking.

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C2C has researched and organized into a collection—easily accessed on their website—three hundred Vancouver and Lower Mainland Companies who have hired recent university grads in the last two years. Grads will do interactive work with these company profiles as we believe that the more they become aware of the opportunities and career paths available, the more they will make an informed choice on what companies to focus their time and energy on while seeking their career-launching position.



Using DISC profiling, learn about your strengths and challenges; discover your purpose and focus your search

Business skills

Work on business cases to develop skills such as:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Persuasion and influence


Analyze, innovate and present in a multi-media environment that encourages intensive participation


Communication skills

Learn how to communicate on a team, and while networking, to make connections that open doors




After obtaining her PhD, Jennifer spent seven years designing courses and lecturing at U of T. When she moved to Victoria in 2003, she taught English and creative writing in international independent schools, as well as directed, produced and wrote plays for a student theatre program. She has presented her academic work at forums across the US and Europe while researching and writing her books. Her interdisciplinary publications revolve around the importance of mentorship and empathy in the transfer of knowledge. Jennifer is a certified consultant in DISC profiling as well as in empathy facilitation.


John Fagan

John works as a Career Educator in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria. His background includes mechanical engineering work in Southern Africa, industrial sales and management in Alberta/Saskatchewan, and most recently professional practice curriculum building with UVic Engineering. He is passionate about learning and teaching, having worked with UVic Learning and Teaching Centre as an instructional skills instructor/facilitator. His academic background includes diplomas in in mechanical technology (1985);business/project management (1990); A BA Honours in philosophy (2006), and he is currently working on an MA in Education (Curriculum Studies), with his research focus on learning ethics and professionalism in engineering undergraduate programs. Having completed his philosophy degree with a millennial cohort, John enjoys success in coaching millennials on realizing and actualizing their potential.


First, you will fill a short application form and submit your resume to us. We will contact you with any further questions or concerns. After acceptance into the program, you will pay a fee of $49.50 to hold your position.

Payment Options

If cost presents a problem, please apply and let us know and we will explore ways to support you. All Successfully Completed Programs will earn a certificate