C2C Speaker Series

Our speaker series is designed for our grads to hear the stories behind diverse career paths. Hearing directly from a range of people who have survived the job hunt, launched into interesting careers and are at various stages of the work-journey will allow grads in the bootcamp to learn techniques, tactics and tricks of the trade to find meaningful work and secure it.


Cassie Loewen
Recruiter at Hootsuite
"90% of recruiters are using Linkedin. If you have a unique skill people are searching for you. Put into your subject line “seeking new opportunities."


Sam Thiara
Founder of GradusOne
"Everyone's life is an autobiography, make yours worth reading"


Kelly Aslanowicz
Senior Manager, Business Development at Human Resources Management Association
"Trust is a key ingredient in a successful career"


Steph Sharp
Finance and Negotiations Expert, Author of Bullies in the Boardroom
"You have to practice, then refine refine refine"


James Lombardi
Nonprofit Organization Management and BC Liberal Candidate for Vancouver-Point Grey
"Embrace your challenge zone and do well, by doing good"


Tory Pearson
Product Manager at Unbounce
"The landscape keeps changing, be a life-long learner"

Join us for our C2C speaker series.

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